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Karnali in 30 frames

Never travel without a good friend!

Tata keeps you going! Private shuttle bus service provided by Paddle Nepal

Day one: 17 hours on the bus

Day two: Surrounded by the local people at the put in

Stunning scenery and some big volume
rapids in the sunny Karnali gorge

Jeff enjoying the downhill with the gear raft #1

Mark's crew working to avoid a big hole called the God's house 

Sayas and his crew avoiding another big hole called Jailhouse

Djange feeling small with the gear raft #2
(the more important one because of the rum)

Team America entertaining themselves on the lower section's mellow waters

10 days, 25 people, lots of food...

…but you can always buy a pig in a riverside village to have a good barbecue!
Nanu collecting some man points.

Karnali style dishwasher 

Late afternoon in the camp...

…turning into night.

Another beautiful camp spot on the Karnali,
not a bad place to have a little birthday party!

The morning after

Getting ready for some action!

Feeling small again...

…and again.

Just when you thought "I made it!"...

Elisabeth styling one of the biggest rapids on the trip

Hmm… which way to go?

The local Jätkänkynttilä-bridge at the take out

17 more hours to go...


PoksAdventure team doctor taking the only shower in three weeks

The team

The man who makes miracles happen!
(Providing ice cream on a remote multi day river adventure in nearly tropical conditions,
taking care of nine aboriginals from Muonio on those same conditions, just to mention a few...)

Find a mistake in the picture!

Pics by A.H., Jeff Webber & Sedale Turbowski

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