torstai 26. syyskuuta 2013

Best pieces of USA trip

We came back to Finland from USA about two weeks ago. The trip was nice: good weather, friendly people, different culture, different nature, outdoor lifestyle and awesome freestyle spots, kayakers and world competition. After this trip we have been dreaming that some day we could paddle a hole like Pigeon.
Below are some of the best pieces of this trip and links to water releases of  Pigeon river, Nantahala river and Rock Island

Pigeon release:
Nantahala release:
Rock Island release:

Athlete camping in Nantahala

Smoky mountains in the morning

Paula in Pigeon, the best hole in the world

and me in the same spot

Rock Island scenery

Two kayaks by the stairs of Rock Island

Paula paddling to Rock Island wave

Me paddling the wave.  This time was only one generator open and wave was small.

Lunch break


Big dam

Local animal in smoky mountains

Laundry :)

Nice waterfall near Highlands

Me in boat control

Feeling before competition.

First run

Harri and me after competition. Harri was 43rd and me 50th in K1 M.

Paula before competition

Paula´s second run. Paula was 14th.

Paddling gear drying before flight in Atlanta

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