torstai 10. heinäkuuta 2014

SRC Road trip 2014, Part 3: MTB

If you want to combine kayaking and biking, Voss and Åre are the places to be! After seven days of park'n'huck flow (and a few beautiful rivers in between), it was time to enjoy the flow on the wheels. Here are a few frames trying to capture the flow…

Loading the bikes and riders for the Chinese downhill (Agalaus) competition
@ Voss Ekstremsportveko

Enjoying the breakfast and the music before the Chinese downhill competition
On the top of Lønahorgi @ Voss Ekstremsportveko

The race is on! A ride to remember, even though a flat tyre on the 5th place ruined the competition...
Chinese downhill @ Voss Ekstremsportveko

Learning the track for the competition
Åre Enduro @ Åre Bike festival

Berm after berm...

…after berm @ Åre Bike festival

Mr. Kokkola getting ready to catch the action
@ Åre Bike festival

An enjoyable wall ride captured with a GoPro
@ Åre Bike festival

Pics by Hanska Halonen, J. Luomala & Estremsportveko

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