tiistai 30. elokuuta 2016

Buga-buga in Siberia


Banja (sauna) with traditional Russian spanking therapy

Traditional Mongolian throat singing

Big volume rivers in beautiful surroundings

Committing runs in remote canyons

Russian cartwheels
(Unintentional vertical freestyle moves performed with a creek boat)

Russian flatwater
(Usually considered as non-stop grade III wave trains)

Russian runout
(The Russian flatwater section between the rapids a.k.a. portage and the takeout)

Nights around a campfire with simple food and simple people
('Simple' meaning non-complicated and beautiful)

That is what you get when traveling with your kayak in the Altay mountains near the border between Russia and Mongolia. A story worth reading in the Paddler magazine (click the link) pages 60-82.

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